Coloring The Apocalypse

from by Gemini Eye



You told me I could do much better than that
But that you loved me anyway
You rubbed my nose in it and told me it stank
But I’d improve and that’s okay
You estimated I was five out of ten,
It was the best that I could do
Black and brown and blue

You’d read an article on Medium that
You said had opened up your mind
All purple passages and passable prose
Predicting fate for all mankind
Such opportunity to stress yourself out
And manufacture an excuse
To paint me with the brush you do

Black out the windows and white out the lines
In the script I’d attributed to you
It doesn’t matter any more anyway
Nobody’s watching in the way they used to
Took you to dinner with the world’s population
Who so graciously took care of the bill
You wonder openly what you ever saw in me
They’re watching awkwardly and can’t sit still

I know they wonder what I see in you
And they treat me in the transparent way they do
And I spend all my time resembling a cartoon


from The Is of Being, released July 31, 2016



all rights reserved


Gemini Eye London, UK

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